It's a understanding that when it comes to a professional establishment first impressions always matter. At Estela's Cleaning Ser. we make sure to provide that image by giving your business top-quality cleaning service.

Lobby: Remove cobwebs (high/low),dust all hangings,Empty all waste baskets,Clean glass doors disinfect/sanitize all areas,pick up and arrange all reading material in lobby.

Workstations: Empty all wastebaskets, vacuum/mop all carpet/floors areas,disinfect chairs,desks,filing -

cabinets,phones and all office machines, wipe walls (remove visible marks) and rearrange furniture back to its original place.

Break Room: Wash/load dishes,disinfect counter tops, appliances(toaster,refrigerator,microwave) organize inside cabinets,polish stainless steel appliances if needed.

Restrooms: Disinfect toilets,clean fixtures and chrome fixtures, wipe down walls,clean mirrors, vacuum/mop floors and refill all dispensers provided in stock room.

Add-Ons: Sweep outside entrance areas

                 Window washing (outside/inside)

                 Wipe-down outside furniture